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Elmas Land strives to create a viable system in harmony with the local environment. Our mission is to offer solid infrastructure and the advantages of innovative living as part of a Metanation and DAO. Your future is freedom and we can deliver it.
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Step 1: Infrastructure

We've planned for everything needed for a rich and full lifestyle, with the flexibility you deserve. Recreation, schools, businesses and homes make a complete, enriching community.

Step 2: Investment Opportunities
eco-villages, launchpad & fund

Get in on the ground floor and explore DeFi, Staking, the Metaverse and NFT marketplaces. The world of WEB3 awaits!

Step 3:
Community & DAO

Become a part of an innovative fully realized community. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, individuals and their families will soon be shifting to a new lifestyle. Including recreational centers, nature preserves, high quality education and high-tech laboratories, there is nothing we haven't considered.

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Partners & Backers


$ 1000
Solar water pump
$ 980
Vertical gardens
$ 40

Educational Center

Emergency backpack
10000 ELMAS
10000 ELMAS
Evacuation Psychology
10000 ELMAS
Mushroom farming
10000 ELMAS
Vertical gardening
10000 ELMAS
Shrimp farming
10000 ELMAS
Food preservation
10000 ELMAS

Latest news about Elmas

Feb 18, 2022, 08:45pm
By Alexander Belov

In An Age Of Technological Megacities And Silicon Valley, Why Are So Many Entrepreneurs And Innovators Planning A Move Into The Jungle

Most modern megacities have clearly been influenced by twentieth-century science fiction, but something is luring brilliant entrepreneurs into the jungles. It begs the question: what do work and life look like outside of these traditional structures?…

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